🇩🇪 What would be tested in a German B2 exam?

• Firstly, where should I take this exam?

We recommend taking the exam in a Goethe Intitute (more details about these institutes are here).

Telc insitute is a good alternative. It is a private school and their certificates are well respected.

• What would be tested in the exam?

Regardless where you are going to take the exam (Goethe, Telc, etc.), the exam usually consists of the following parts:

Reading (🇩🇪 das Lesen)
Listening (🇩🇪 das Hören)
Writing (🇩🇪 das Schreiben)
Speaking (🇩🇪 das Sprechen)

In the following page of Goethe Institute, you can find the questions of a real B2 exam (including an audio file for the listening part). At the end of the file are the correct answers:

Source: https://www.goethe.de/de/spr/kup/prf/prf/gb2/ue9.html

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How should you learn for the exam and for the German language in general?

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