Rumour: Germany has no jobs for doctors any longer

Rumour: German has no jobs for doctors any longer

โ€ข Introduction jobs for doctors

Are there jobs for doctors, I graduated from medical school in June 2013 and am a neuroscientist. In the first month, I discovered the possibilities of a medical speciality in Germany. There weren’t many Jordanian or foreign doctors in Germany at the time.

In many various formats. questions like this one have always been common in 2013. as they have been in all previous years: “The doctors cannot find jobs there”. “They say that Germany wants to shut down”, “Germany has no shortage”, etc.

Naturally, many of my colleagues chose not to travel to Germany after reading these rumors.

โ€ข The shortage still exists, and it’s also enormous

The serious shortage of doctors in the majority of hospitals in Germany is confirmed by those who are now employed there. Let’s use statistics and numbers instead, though.

The German Central Medical Association reported that 59,833 foreign physicians practised in Germany in 2022. By comparison, there were 31,236 doctors in 2013, an increase of 191.6%.

The fact that the majority of doctors in 6 to 7 years will gain German citizenship, making them deemed German nationals and excluded from these figures. means that these numbers of foreign doctors are naturally lower than the actual numbers. Additionally, at least 10% of German medical school graduates are foreigners who become citizens of Germany within a year or two.

An article about how to find a job and apply intelligently: Doctors in Germany: Find job offers & apply intelligently

โ€ข Reason for pessimism about finding jobs for doctors

Dr. Mohammed Ziad Al-Saudi, one of my colleagues has frequently remarked that “Only persons who have problems with their tests or residency broadcast such information and moan about the impossibility of starting work in Germany”. People who have passed the examinations naturally don’t enter the groups to talk about their achievements, but instead, they begin learning about medical specialities, working rotations, earning money, purchasing luxury cars, and getting married. Online support groups are available to assist those who need them.

โ€ข The shortage of doctors continues for the following reasons:

โ€ข German labour laws

have recently restricted the maximum weekly hours that residents are permitted to work (about 50โ€“55 hours) and the number of rotations per month (more than 4โ€“5 rotations, with two weekends being rotation-free). Of course, that is a fairly small amount of effort in comparison to many other nations. Therefore, hospitals will require more residents.

German doctors used to work up to 36 hours straight about 20 years ago. In fact, certain nations around the world currently have these hours in place. Even in America, with roughly the same pay, the number of resident hours is more than in Germany.

An actual illustration: While you would work the same amount of hours in Germany and earn over 5,600 euros, your pay as a doctor would be closer to 900 euros in Jordan for the same jobs. Click here.
My colleague was a neurosurgeon in Jordan. The number of hours he worked per month in Jordan was more than 285 hours (I do not remember exactly). We calculated his salary if he worked the same number of hours in Germany. and the answer was more than 5,600 Euros (more than 6 times the salary). In addition, of course, he will also receive โ‚ฌ250 net per month for each child.

Germany’s huge population has increased in recent years due to the large number of refugees who have entered the country. There is still a massive influx of refugees into Germany.

โ€ข The number of medical colleges and graduates in Germany has increased very little

The cost to the government of teaching medicine in Germany is very high. and so far the government seems to be opting for the cheapest solution of receiving ‘ready’ doctors from abroad rather than teaching doctors in Germany to fill jobs for doctors.

โ€ข Work-life balance

The new generation of doctors in Germany. and even after a few years the foreign doctors themselves. want to work a few hours. not do a rotation, and study a little. Therefore, there is a large proportion of doctors who work part-time because the majority do not want to work more rotations than the number of hours officially required of them. Female doctors in Germany can also take two years off work to have a baby. Of course, the salary is paid at 60%.

โ€ข Then you have no reason to be pessimistic about finding jobs for doctors

Graduates from countries such as India, China, or, unfortunately, some Arab countries such as Syria and Egypt, are often or all (in the case of some countries) forced to take a medical knowledge test and therefore their route is at least one year longer.
Almost all graduates from countries such as Jordan receive the equivalent of their diploma. As a result, the Jordanian graduate has to retain this knowledge and his route is easier than that of graduates from other nations.

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