🇩🇪 Finding mediacl events in Germany (conferences, symposiums, scientific days, lectures)

In Germany, there are yearly tens of thousands of medical events (conferences, symposiums, scientific days, lectures). Mostly, they are for free, especially for students and doctors who still do not work.

For medical students, some medical societies (🇩🇪 die Gesellschaften) pay even students the costs for transportation and stay in hotels. Their aim of course is to motivate students to choose their specialty.

See what medical societies are, what they do and examples of them:

How can you find these events?

Through the website of the German Medical Association (die Bundesärztekammer): https://www.baek-fortbildungssuche.de/fbsuche

Today, the 27.04.2023, there are 109311 medical events in the whole of Germany (Source: Bundesärztekammer )

Through the webiste (Screenshot above), you can search for the events based on specialty, date, locaiton, number of CME (Continuing Medical Education) points of these events.

CME (Continuing Medical Education) points are only imporant starting from the specialist level. Every five year must a specialist in Germany gather around 250 points.

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