Two large Facebook groups for discussions and mutual help for international medical graduates wanting to work in Germany

Facebook group: Doctors in Germany الأطباء العرب والأجانب في ألمانيا Ärztinnen & Ärzte in Deutschland

Facebook group: Doctors Going to Germany

You might want to join the Telegram group of Facharzt JETZT too:

Telegram: Doctors for Germany الأطباء العرب والأجانب في ألمانيا Ärztinnen & Ärzte Deutschland

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  1. […] Some graduates from certain univeriteis from certain countries are known to get almost a recognition of their curriculum/medical studies after this process (for example, graduates from most of the Jordanian unviersities). So, before applying for this process, ask graduates from your country and your university and in Facebook groups (you can ask from now in all of our groups): […]

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