Foreign doctors in Germany: How to begin a medical residency

Foreign doctors in Germany

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• Introduction – Foreign doctors in Germany

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To help foreign doctors in Germany, we wrote many articles, and we listed the most essential article here in different categories. In each category, there are multiple articles.

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Foreign doctors in Germany – Destination is to Deutschland

• Thinking about coming to Germany?

• Germany vs USA

🇩🇪 Differences between completing a medical specialization and working as a doctor 😮

• Germany vs USA vs UK vs Canada vs Australia

🇩🇪 Germany vs 🇬🇧 UK vs 🇨🇦 Canada vs 🇦🇺 Australia: Working as doctor & medical specialization

• Income

🇩🇪 How much money do doctors earn in Germany? 🫰💸💶

🇩🇪 Is a starting salary for a new doctor in Germany enough to make a decent living after taxes?

• Foreign doctors in Germany: Getting your dream specialty

🇩🇪 Which medical specialties are the easiest or hardest to get in 🇩🇪 Germany?

• The academic route

🇩🇪 For physicians: Doing a Master’s or PhD degree in Germany

• Other possible jobs for doctors

🇩🇪 Jobs other than in hospitals and clinics for doctors in Germany

• Foreign doctors in Germany: Costs

🇩🇪 Costs of medical specialization in Germany

• Work-life balance

• 🇩🇪 Doctors in Germany: Work-life balance

• Recognition of the German board worldwide

• 🇩🇪 In which countries can I work after getting the German Board?

• You decided to come to Germany?

• The steps for medical specialization in Germany for foreign doctors

🇩🇪 The 10 steps to start a medical residency in Germany: easily explained 😍👩‍⚕️🧑‍⚕️

• Common terms explained

🇩🇪 Important and common terms related to working as a doctor in 🇩🇪 Germany

• The algorithm: What exams do I need to do?

🇩🇪 The algorithm for getting a permanent medical license in Germany (🇩🇪 die Approbation). Be recognized fully as a licensed medical doctor and start working!

• Required documents from foreign doctors in Germany

🇩🇪 Required documents to apply for the medical license (🇩🇪 die Approbation)

• The 16 medical license authorities

🇩🇪 The 16 medical license authorities (🇩🇪 die Approbationsbehörden) in Germany

• Importance of the internship year

🇩🇪 For medical doctors: The internship year (🇩🇪 das Praktische Jahr – PJ) is a must to be able to work in Germany

• How to apply for a Hospitation?

🇩🇪 How to apply for a medical training/observership/clinical attachment (🇩🇪 eine Hospitation) in Germany

• Everything regarding job interviews and job application

• Finding German hospitals

• 🇩🇪 Find German hospitals and their websites

• Applying for job intelligently

🇩🇪 Finding job offers and applying intelligently

Free chronological CV template

🇩🇪 Free template for CV in German

• Everything about the job interviews

🇩🇪 From A to Z: Job interview for doctors in Germany (das Vorstellungsgespräch)

• Tips for the job interview

🇩🇪 For doctors: Tips for a successful job interview in Germany

• Most common questions in the job interviews

🇩🇪 Most common questions in job interviews for doctors in Germany

• Things to do after becoming a job

🇩🇪 Steps to do after being accepted in a job

• Finances

• Foreign doctors in Germany: Earning money before the medical license through a mini job

🇩🇪 The mini-job (🇩🇪 der Minijob)

• Tips so that everything runs smoothly

• Learning German

🇩🇪 How to learn German? For foreign doctors going to Germany

• Preparation for the medical knowledge exam

🇩🇪 Die Fachsprachenprüfung (FSP): How do I prepare myself?

• Foreign doctors in Germany: Improving CV

🇩🇪 Improving CV before and after coming to Germany

• Make connections!

🇩🇪 Even before coming to Germany, how to make connections with doctors in Germany?

• Make connections by joining our most active Telegram groups!

🇩🇪 Link to the most active groups and the groups in general

• Foreign doctors in Germany: Networking! Networking! Networking!

🇩🇪 Networking! Networking! Networking! Make connections now!

Foreign doctors in Germany: Get funding for courses

🇩🇪 Courses for free: Applying as a foreign doctor for funding for courses (for 🇩🇪 FSP or 🇩🇪 KP)

• Having a perfect translation

🇩🇪 Translation of documents for foreign doctors: What to pay attention to (🇩🇪 was zu beachten)

We still have many other articles for foreign doctors in Germany or going to Germany. You can explore our archives here.

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