Proof of intention to apply for the Approbation in Germany

Proof of intention to apply for the Approbation in Germany

• Introduction about the proof of intention

The proof of intention is evidence that a foreign doctor provides in order to be allowed to apply for Approbation in a German state. This is one of the documents needed to apply for Approbation in 14 out of 16 German states. The only German states that are not known to require this bureaucratic hurdle is Bavaria (🇩🇪 Bayern) and Thuringia (🇩🇪Thüringen). 🥳🥳🥳

What is the Approbation? Die Approbation is a German permanent medical license. For more details abut it, read this Article. To apply for a German Approbation, we explained that in 10 detailed steps.

• The proof of intention

The proof could be one of many things:

(1) Job promise (die Einstellungszusage)

This is often very hard to get. Few hospitals accept to give doctors such a document.

(2) Residence registration (die Anmeldung)

You should do that in a city/village that is a part of the state. This means that the doctor needs firstly to come to Germany, find an accomodation (which is not easy) and then register themselves in the city council (… more about the residence registration in this article in Facharzt JETZT)

The above two options are really a source of loss of time, energy, and nerves!

(3) Clinical training / attachment (eine Hospitation)

• Article: “🇩🇪 What is a Hospitation? (🇺🇸 medical training/obervership/clinical attachment)”

• Article: “🇩🇪 How to apply for a medical training/observership/clinical attachment (🇩🇪 eine Hospitation) in Germany”

(4) Getting rejections for applications for Hospitation

ِA Syrian doctor with a large Telegram group for the Approbation in Berlin wrote a detailed Arabic article about applying for Approbation in Berlin (article in Arabic in our website). He explained that getting five rejections for a Hospitation application in Berlin is enough as a proof of intention. One needs simply to send a copy of the rejections emails.

(5) Strong personal reasons

The authority in Baden-Württemberg accepts in “individual/certain cases” that they are going to accept the application for the Approbation if personal reasons were proven. As an example they write: “having close family connections”. In one email, they wrote to a doctor that this should be a family member like a wife for example. Source: Link

(6) New method: the location note (der Standortvermerk)

Since a few years, this new method for the “proof of intention” is accepted. One needs many steps to get one, but it is easy. We explained it in the following article:

🇩🇪 Standortvermerk (the location note)

• Proof of intention: Do you have new information?

The Approbation laws change with time in Germany, and there are always exceptions. Do you know about other methods for the proof of intention?

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