๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช Banks for closed bank accounts and steps to register in them

โ€ข Introduction

In this article, we will talk about two banks that are most commonly used by doctors for opening a closed bank account as part of the visa requirements to come to Germany.

โ€ข Which banks could be used?

The two banks are: Fintiba Bank and Expatrio Bank.

โ€ข What is the difference between the two banks?

Briefly, the only difference between the two banks is the ease of registration procedures. Fintiba Bank requests proof of the source of the funds, from where the funds came from are personal savings or the price of a property the person or his/her relatives sold in order to secure the amount etc.

Expatrio Bank according to many experiences is easier and smooth to deal with, it does not request any of these documents.

โ€ข How to register with one of the two banks and open a closed bank account?

You can register through the websites of the banks. They will tell you what the required documents are. There are many videos on YouTube explaining that.

โ€ข How much does opening the account cost?

It costs around 280 Euro.

โ€ข What should I do after the registration?

After these steps, the bank provides you with an IBAN number (account number). You can then transfer the money required by the embassy to this account. Please be careful when writing the IBAN number.

After you transfer the full amount of money, you receive after several days a confirmation that the amount was received and deposited in the closed bank account.

You can check the money in your account through the bank’s application or through its website.

โ€ข How can you activate the bank account arriving in Germany?

To be able to activate the bank account, you need a residence registration and a normal bank account. Here is an explanation of what residence registration is, how to do it:

โ€ข Opening a normal bank account

You can then open a bank account in a normal bank in Germany. For example, Deutsche Bank, Sparkassse, etc.

After opening this bank account, you get of course an IBAN number too. You then use this number in the bank app to let them each month transfer the monthly allowed money to it.

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