🇩🇪 Experiences with recognition of medical studies (🇩🇪 die Gleichwertigkiet): According to country of study

• What is the recognition of medical studies?

This along with warnings about trying to avoid a medical knowledge exam (🇩🇪 die Kenntnisprüfung) and how sure you could be by trying that based on experiences of students from your university:

• What is this article for?

In this article, we will gather experiences regarding the recognition of medical studies for medical graduates from different countries in the world.

• Egypt

Some universities get a recognition. You need to ask a lot.

• India

Mostly, they need medical knowledge exam

• Iraq

According to a famous Iraqi doctor and YouTuber in Germany (follow him on YouTube, he has a great channel for doctors), has has never met an Iraqi doctor from 2015-2023 who got his medical studies recognized.

• Jordan

Most universities will get the Gleichwertigkeit in Nordrhein-Westfalen (Münster), so please apply ONLY there.

• Lebanon

اذا مخلص من AUB او لجامعة البنانية بتاخد Gleich bi Berlin aw Bayern, aw Baden بس للأسف لشديد منرجع لموضوع لحظ بي ألمانيا, يعني بقدم على نفس لمركز ٥ اشخاص من نفس الجامعة ونفس السنة الدراسية ٤ بياخدوا Gleich و واحد بروح على كنتسيه
انا من جامعة بيروت العربية، اجاني رفض غلايش من هامبورغ، من شي ٤ سنين. اسمعت انه في ببايرن و شلوسفيش هولشتاين حالات للبنانية اخذه الغلايش، بس مش معرفة شخصية وما بعرف من اي جامعات. بالتوفيق


It really variesona case by case basis.A major problem with our curriculum is the lack of practice. Aftergraduation,thereare only 6 months of mandatory practice. They find usually the deficithere. This is doableif you haveworked in medicine or surgery. On the other hand, I know a colleague who worked intheemergencyroomfora year after graduating and got approvedrightaway. I didn’t want to risk and spend too much money, so I chose to do the Knowledge exam instead. 

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