Funding to foreign doctors: For free

Funding to foreign doctors

• Introduction

The German government provides through many agencies funding to foreign doctors and jobseekers. The funding is for many things related to getting a recognition of medical studies and starting working.

Some doctors received grants of around 5,000 euros (and some more). 😅💶🤑 Of course, this financing is free, and you don’t have to pay it later. 🥳🥳🥳

If you have the slightest doubt about a certain point or do not understand any information, ask at any time in the main group of our community “Facharzt JETZT” on Facebook and Telegram (groups will appear as a folder). We remind you that this article is a guidance article to help you understand things and you should not rely solely on it. You should always return to the official websites. 😊

• Please remember: Try always!

Before you start reading this article, we want to stress that the requirements, conditions, and amount of financial support may differ from one city to another, and even from one employee to another. Therefore, we advise you to try to apply for financing, regardless of the availability of the conditions that we mention in this article. Ask them also how they might help you too in other aspects regarding the recognition of your studies and finding a job.

💡 Fragen schadet nicht
(asking does not hurt)

German proverb

• What courses might get funded?

  1. Advanced German language courses (not that sure, some say, starting from B2 level)
  2. Preparatory courses for the medical language exam (FSP)
  3. Preparatory courses for the medical knowledge exam (KP)

• Do they fund things other than courses?

Probably, especially the job agency. They will fund things like travel costs for job interviews and job application costs such as printing the application. Some get also the costs for translation and exam fees. There is not much experience on the subject. Do you have any information?

Our advice to you is to ask each organization how they can help you so that you can “start working” as “quickly as possible”.

• Is it possible to apply for funding from outside Germany?

According to many experiences published in our main group on Facebook and Telegram, no. The person must have registered the place of residence in a German city.

• If I paid for a course before I arrived in Germany, can they pay for the course for me?

According to many experiences published in our main group on Facebook and Telegram, no.

• Is it possible to obtain funding to do online courses?


• What are the funding agencies?

– The Agency for Work (🇩🇪 die Agentur für Arbeit)

They might help you by paying the fees for preparation courses for the medical language exam (🇩🇪 die Fachsprachenprüfung) or the medical knowledge exam (🇩🇪 die Kenntnisprüfung).

The function of this agency in Germany is to help German citizens in finding jobs. They help foreigners with legal residency in Germany too.

Source: Bernd Schwabe in HannoverAgentur für Arbeit, jobcenter im Landkreis Celle, Logos und Embleme am Gebäude Georg-Wilhelm-Straße 14 in 29223 CelleCC BY 3.0

– Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (🇩🇪 das Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge) (BAMF)

This is another authority in Germany that might help you in getting funding (link to the related page in their website).

Funding to foreign doctors through the BAMF
Logo fo the BAMF

Förderprogramm “Integration durch Qualifizierung (IQ)”

This is another authority/agency that might help you in getting funding. Their website says today (14.08.2023) that they are currently applying for a new financing round and therefore still need to update their website. It is questionable if this program continues.

• Is this funding only for doctors?

No. Foreigners having other jobs can apply too (e.g., dentists and pharmacists)

• What are the requirements for the application for this funding?

Generally, the following requirements are often a must. But like always in Germany, the requirements can differ from one employee to another and from agency to antoher.

– The requirements by the Agentur für Arbeit

• Valid Visa: A16d visa is better than a 16f visa (Article: Types of visa)

• Not currently working in Germany (Article: See how to earn money through a minijob)

• The provider of the course must have a course that is possible to be funded by the Agentur für Arbeit. Simply ask them or sometimes, the course providers write this information in the advertisement for their courses. Examples: Medisim Institute in Cologne or Freiburg Internatioanl Academy.

• Language requirements: Many (all?) require, that you have at least a B2 level in the German language. Some say that B1 is also enough.

• Application for the Approbation: You should have already applied for the German permanent medical license (🇩🇪 die Approbation). A 🇩🇪 Defizitbescheid is enough to prove that.

• Copy of your universtiy certficates (in German)

• You need to have a living place in Germany. This mean, you cannot apply for the funding if you still did not come to Germany or do not have a residence registration. Moreover, if you registered for a course before coming to Germany and paid the fees, they cannot pay you the fees retrospectively (not 100% sure though, but very probably).

• A residence registration (🇩🇪 eine Anmeldung): Soem say that it is not necessary.

• “Offer for a course” from a language school (see the next paragraphs)

– The requirements by the BAMF

The requirements list by the BAMF ist short:

Source: BAMF website (see the end of the article below)

• If I fulfill the above conditions, what should I do?

Ask the language school for an offer (🇩🇪 das Angebot) and details of the course. This means they give you a document explaining the price and content of the course. Then apply with this document (along with the above documents) in the respective authority:

Agentur für Arbeit: You should contact them in the city where you live and ask if they can fund you. Many say you can simply go to their offices without an appointment. Then tell the employee in the reception of the building that you want to ask for help regarding the recognition of your medical studies and finding a job. That is easy 🙂

The larger the city, the larger the building of the job center
Source: BigbratzeAgentur für Arbeit LahrCC BY-SA 4.0

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (🇩🇪 das Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge): You can send them a filled application form (Link to it as a Word file) along with the required documents. The form and the required documents are mentioned in this page: Link

Agentur für Arbeit in the city of Cottbus (near Berlin).
Source: Trio3DAgentur für Arbeit Cottbus, Bahnhofstraße 10CC BY-SA 4.0

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