Recognition of the German board: In which countries?

• Recognition of the German board: In which countries?

After doing your medical specialization in Germany (🇩🇪 die Facharztausbildung), you can work with it in many countries in the world without the need for any further medical exams. 🥳 This article shows you in which countries in the world there is a recognition of the German board.

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• Recognition of the German board: In this table, we summarize your options

Medical exams neededLanguage certificate neededRecognition asNotes
🇪🇺 EU countriesNoProbablySpecialist at least
🇬🇧 UKNoYes, IELTSSpecialist at leastVery easy steps for application. Here is how to get GMC registration after the German Board.
🇮🇪 IrelandNoNoSpecialist at leastIt is part of the EU, so easy procedures
🇺🇸 USANot recognized. You have to do all of their normal exams for foreign doctors.You need to do the USMLE exams and probably repeat the specialization
🇦🇺 AustraliaNoYes, IELTSSpecialistA little bit complicated with maybe letters of need and Employers’ references
🇨🇭 SwitzerlandNo, but you/your spouse need EU/EFTA nationalityB2 in German, French, or ItalianSpecialist or aboveSee our group: Doctors for Switzerland on Facebook & Telegram
🇨🇦 CanadaNot recognized. You have to do all of their normal exams for foreign doctors.You need to do their exams from the beginning
The Arabic Gulf (UAE, Saudi Arabien, Qatar, etc.)UAE: no exams after 3 years of experience in Germany as Oberarzt (Consultant/Senior physician) or 5 years as a specialist.

In Saudi Arabia, exam is needed regardless of period of work in Germany (not sure).
No • Graduates from English-speaking countries are preferred.

The German board might be not recognized in the USA or Canada, but to start medical residency in Germany is much easier than in the USA or Canada and foreign doctors have much better chances to get high competitive specialties. Regarding these points, these articles could be interesting for you:

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The above article explains in detail the advantages and disadvantages of working in Germany.

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So, we hope you have an idea about the recognition of the German board worldwide. To make the article more detailed, you are happy to write a comment.

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