🇬🇧 UK medical graduates after Brexit: Treatment like non 🇪🇺 EU/EEA graduates

Source: Christoph ScholzBrexit auf Wegweiser (47265383782)CC BY-SA 2.0
Source: Nelo Hotsuma from Rockwall, Brexit protest (49478358738)CC BY 2.0

There is not a lot to be explained. The United Kingdom (UK) medical graduates are going to be treated like non EU/EEA graduates and might need to do a medical knowledge exam (🇩🇪 die Kenntnisprüfung) in order to get a German permanent medical license (🇩🇪 die Approbation).

You can follow this algorithm to know how the whole recognition process works:

But there are good news, not all medical graduates from the UK (non EU/EEA countries) need to do the 🇩🇪 Kenntnisprüfung. The details are explaiend here:

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