🇩🇪 Examples of online courses for the medical lanuage exams (🇩🇪 die Fachsprachenprüfung)

• You can find the cheapest courses in a 🇩🇪 Volkshochschule, but their courses are mostly not online. But it is worth a try that you check the websites of the Volkshochschulen (plural von Volkschochschule) near you. Here is more explanation:


Medde Online

There are many courses for the Medical Language Exam. A very well-prepared one where you can start learning from outside Germany on your own pace and a relatively cheap one is from a German company called MEDDEOnline. What is good about this subscription too is that it for one whole year. 🥳

• Followers of Facharzt JETZT can get a 10% discount on all courses. Use simply the code: facharztJETZT10 while booking from the following link.

By booking two or more courses (for example, you and a friend of yours), you can get 20% discount. Write us for the codes.

This is an example Video:

Fit für die FSP & Approbation:


Example video from the course:

• Information about the course: link.

• Prices: link

• Did you know that your course can be funded by the German government (= you do not need to pay anything). You can read the following article:

🇩🇪 Funding to foreign doctors: For free

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