๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช Curricumulm vs Syllabus: What are the differences?

Number of pagesshort (about 5-10 pages)very long (ca. 50-350 pages)
What does it consist of?It lists only names of all subjects that you studied in medical school and how many hours was each subjectIt lists the names of all subjects, but it explains in detail, what in each subject was explained and what practical and theortical parts were done
Always needed?Yes, 100%.seldom
Does it need to be translated?Almost always yes, but to save time, do that.
(Details in the article about the required documents)
Most cases no.
(Details in the article about the required documents)
Does it need to be authenticated?To be on the safe side, alwaysIf the embassy accepts, do that. Authentication is never a mistake! We explained it here.
Real examplesโ€ข Full syllabus consisting of 168 pages of an Indian University in New Delhi (All India Insitute of Medical Sciences) (link)
โ€ข Syallabus for second year medical students in Mutah Univeristy in Jordan (link)
(the curriculum and syllabus of this university is recognized in North Rhine-Westphalia; the graduates do not need a medical knowledge exam).

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