🇺🇦 The stages of studying medicine and becoming a specialist doctor in the Ukraine

StageDuration (in years)Notes
Language• If you want to study in Ukrainian: 1 year to study the language

• If you want to study in English: 1 year (some countries in the world do not required their students to do this langauge year)

• The Russian langauge is no longer allowed
If you do not speak Ukrainian. One year is spent learning the language.
Medical school6There are 3 state exams (🇺🇦 Kroks):
– After the first 3 years: Step 1 + English Terminology exam (this exam is only for those who study medicine NOT in English)
– After the 6th year: Step 2. After passing these exam, you will get your medical certificae but yet NO Ukrainian medical license.

Step 3 is after the first year of Internatura (comes next in the table)
Internship yearThis system does not exist in the Ukraine, you need to begin a specialty (Specialista)
The internatura

It is called Internatur but it is not like an internship year in other countries in which you are a general doctor after that. In the Ukraine you must be a specilist in one specialty.

Examples of the internatura deurations:
• 1 year: microbiology/anatomy
• 2 yeras: Internal medicine, neurology
• 3 years: general surgery, some surgical specialties, OBGYN
Something similar to a residency, but you need to do another year after finishing it. The year is called: (see next row)

(DE: Absolvieren einer 1 – 3-jährigen Internatur in einem Fachgebiet)
Spcialist year
(🇺🇦 Specialista)
1After this one year, one is a specialist. You get a (Spezialist-Zertifikat)
سنة سبيتزاليزاتسيا

Zertifikat als „Arzt-Spezialist“ in einem Fachgebiet

The specialist degree from the Ukraine is recognized only as an internship year only ☹️, but at least, that the doctor has a Ukrainian medical license 🥳. If you came from the Ukraine as an intenral medicine specialist, you will need to repeat the residecny here. They will only recognize the one year of specialization (🇺🇦 Specialista).

Summary: To be able to apply for the permanent medical license in Germany (🇩🇪 die Approbation), Ukrainian graduates need to have finished the Specialista degree (= specialist degree). BUT the specialist degree will be considered only equivalent to an internship year. The residency period in the Ukraine needs to be repeated.

BUT: If you returend to your home country and did an internship year, then the whole years after medical school in the Ukraine will be considere as experience and might shorten your residency period.

This article was written with help from the colleague Dr. Othman Abdel Wahhab. Vielen Dank 😊💐

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