🇩🇪 What is Telegram and why not WhatsApp?

• Advantages of Telegram

– Privacy

You can hide your mobile number!👮‍♀️ (in a WhatsApp group, all group members can see your mobile number). Furthermore, in Telegram each user has a username (you can write whatever you want, and the other members can only see this username). Moreover, you can decide who can contact you (for example, you can choose that nobody can contact you or only who you gave your mobile number to in advance).

– Notifications

You can turn off all notifications of a group or of the entire app.

– Polls/MCQs

You can create polls/MCQs (an example is the MCQ/questions group for neurology)

– Sending large files and photos/videos in original quality

It is also possible to send files with a size of up to 2 gigabytes as well as photos and videos in NOT reduced quality 🤩

– Archive

This is the most important feature. When new members join a Telegram group, they can see all the old messages and files 🤙

– Changing mobile phones

If you change your phone, you will still see all the old content in your Telegram groups. In WhatsApp you have to make a backup via Google Drive, which is complicated and not that reliable.

• Install the app

Apple store or Android store

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