🇨🇭 Work in Switzerland as a medical doctor: Applying for the Swiss medical license

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• Introduction

Unlike the Canada, Australia, and the UK, the steps needed for getting a medical license in Switzerland depends on two things:

NationalityWhere you studied medicine

• Question 1: Are you or your spouse (wife/husband) a national of an EU/EFTA country?

What are the EFTA countries?

Congratulations. You do not need any exams!🥳🥳🥳
Please continue to question number 2.
The steps are very complicated. You have to take an exam, and it’s hard to find a job. We will write an article about it later.

“Registration  of a non-recognizable diploma”

Question 2: The requirements depend on where you completed your medical studies:

EU/EFTA countrySomewhere else in the world
Direct recognitionIndirect recognition


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