🇩🇪 All of the internal medicine groups of our community “Facharzt JETZT!”

Innere Medizin

We have more than 120 groups in our community (list of all of them). The internal medicine and its subspecialties have the highest number of groups (followed by neurology).

We list here links to the main internal medicine groups as well as to groups of all of its subspecialties in Germany.

• The main internal medicine groups

💊 Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/inneremedizin
💊 Telegram: https://t.me/+jO4npzS81IU2YTFi

• The subsepcialties of internal medicine

💊 Angiology and diabetology (🇩🇪 Angiologie und Diabetologie): www.facebook.com/groups/diabetologie

💊 Endocrinology (🇩🇪 Endokrinologie): www.facebook.com/groups/endokrinologie

💊 Cardiology (🇩🇪 Kardiologie): www.facebook.com/groups/kardiologe

💊 Gastroenterology (🇩🇪 Gastroenterologie): www.facebook.com/groups/gastroenterologie

💊 Hematology and Oncology (🇩🇪 Hämatologie und Onkologie): www.facebook.com/groups/onkologie

💊 Nephrology (🇩🇪 Nephrologie): www.facebook.com/groups/nephrologisch

💊 Pulmonology (🇩🇪 Pulmonologie): www.facebook.com/groups/pulmonologie

💊 Rheumatology (🇩🇪 Rheumatologie): www.facebook.com/groups/rheumatologie

💊 Sleep medicine (🇩🇪 Schlafmedizin): www.facebook.com/groups/schlafmedizin

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