FAQ – Become a doctor in Germany

FAQ - Medical residency in Germany

Facharzt JETZT presents to you the most detailed and comprehensive questions and answers list for becoming a medical doctor in Germany and starting a medical residency in Germany.

We wrote the information as questions and answers and divided the questions into groups (e.g., travel, required documents, job interviews, etc.). We answered each question briefly, and for a detailed answer, we provided a link to an article in English and Arabic.

• What is Facharzt JETZT?

What is Facharzt JETZT?

• Steps to start a medical residency in Germany

What are the steps to start a medical residency in Germany?

I want to study medicine in Germany. What are the steps? The cost? Number of years of study?

• Are you thinking about coming to Germany?

What is the difference between medical specialization and working as a doctor between Germany and the USA? Which country is the best one?

What is the difference between medical specialization and working as a doctor between Germany, America, Britain, Canada, and Australia?

I heard that Germany does not need more doctors and that I will not find a job in Germany. Is that true?

How many years of medical residency in Germany?

What medical specialties are available in Germany?

How much time do I need to obtain German permanent medical license (die Approbation)?

How much money do I need to spend before I receive my first salary as a doctor in Germany?

I cannot understand the discussions taking place in groups about Germany, because the participants write German words. Do you have a translation for these words?

• Gleich/recognition of my degree, required documents, and application for (🇩🇪 Approbation)

What are the required documents to apply for Approbation in Germany?

Do I have to translate all my documents? Where should I translate them? And what should I pay attention to during translation?

Do I need documents such as a university certificate authenticated before coming to Germany? What does it mean to attest documents, and where should I do it?

What is a Gleich (gleich oder die Gleichwertigkeit)?

In which authority can I apply for a permanent medical license in Germany?

How do I know if my university degree will be recognized in Germany?

What is the importance of work certificates in Germany?

Conditions for applying for appropriation and obtaining it

Is an internship year necessary to work in Germany? What is the internship year basically?

Is it possible to do an internship year in Germany?

Is the internship year considered a year of experience through which you can obtain a higher salary in Germany? Yes, but not in all medical chambers (Ärztekammer).

What is the difference between Approbation vs Berufserlaubnis?

• Exams required for medical license

What exams are required of me to equate my university degree and begin the medical specialty in Germany?

What is the Medical Language Exam – Fachsprachenprüfung (FSP)?

How can I prepare to take the Medical Language Exam – Fachsprachenprüfung (FSP)?

What is the Medical Knowledge Exam (die Kenntnisprüfung – KP)?

• Study in Germany as an alternative to medical specialization

Can doctors choose the academic path and obtain a master’s degree and doctorate degree in Germany?

Can I pursue a medical specialty and at the same time do research and teach at universities in the future? Yes!

• Traveling to Germany:

– Travel visa for medical license in Germany

What are the types of visas to come to Germany?

How can I bring my wife and children with me to Germany?

What documents are required for a long-term visa?

What is a financial guarantee or bank guarantee and what are its conditions?

– Closed bank account (Sperrkonto)

What is a closed bank account (das Sperrkonto)?

What are the banks through which a closed bank account (das Sperrkonto) can be opened?

I would like to open an account at Fintiba Bank. Is there more information about that?

I do not have sufficient funds for the closed bank account. Can a closed bank account be avoided? Yes, sometimes.

– Hospitation/ medical training towards medical specialization in Germany

What is Hospitation?

How can I get Hospitation?

Is Hospitation absolutely necessary to pass the medical language exam?

• Job application and interviews

How can I find and apply for job offers to start and work in the medical specialty period in Germany? What should I write in job application emails? What documents should I attach to my email?

If I have a job interview in Germany (Vorstellungsgespräch), how do I travel to the hospital? What should I wear? What exactly happens in the interview? What are the hospital’s goals for the interview?

What are the most common interview questions for doctors in Germany?

Do you have a free CV template in German that meets the requirements of the German authorities? What are the common mistakes in writing a CV?

Is there anyone who can help me get a job as a doctor in Germany?

• After getting a job in Germany

What are the required documents and the steps you must take after accepting a job?

• Financial and work matters before obtaining Approbation

Can I work before obtaining medical license? Can you explain to me what a mini-job is?

I heard that I can recover part of the many taxes I pay by filing a tax return (die Steuererklärung). Is this correct?

• Learn the German language

For doctors and medical specialties: How do I learn German quickly?

Are there free resources for learning German?

How much time do I need to learn German?

Can learning German be made fun?

Is learning German easy or difficult?

• Important articles about life in Germany

Do you have tips on how to find housing in Germany?

What is an Anmeldung (Residence Registration) (Die Anmeldung)?

• After obtaining the German Board (Facharzt JETZT)

Which countries recognize the German Board and you can work directly there and at what rank?

What is the way to modify the German Board to work in Britain and the United Kingdom in general?

We have many other articles about medical specialization in Germany for you, and you can access them here in: Arabic and English.

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